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Material Testing

Material testing services

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers routine and non-routine material testing for a wide range of materials and products. Whether it is for temperature and humidity cycling, ultraviolet exposure, surface finishes, packaging testing or mechanical properties, our material testing experts will be happy to help you put together a meaningful test plan that will address your needs and give you real answers. With years of specialized technology testing expertise, in-depth experience and absolute commitment to customer care, our team of experts do more than simply test your products. Micom Laboratories Inc. strives to deliver material testing services of outstanding value to our diverse customer base.

Construction material testing and other market segments

Micom Laboratories Inc. is involved in material testing with various industry segments including: Pharmaceuticals, Furniture industry, Governments, Packaging Automotive and Electronic industry.

For these industry segments our material testing services range from a simple mechanical ASTM test to real life simulations involving computer data acquisition and control. Many of the tests performed are based on in-house proprietary test protocols or modified standards to better suit your needs.

Material testing laboratory

Micom offers a wide variety of mechanical and physico-chemical material testing according to various standards (ATSM, CGSB, ISRA, ANSI, CSA, Bombardier & others). Our specialists can also provide you with custom material testing services focused on your specific needs.

Our facilities allow us to test a wide range of raw materials and finished products. Whether you need to test office furniture, temperature chain testing, consumer products, composite materials, Micom's staff is always available to support your technical needs.

Our material testing facilities are also equipped to test prototypes, simulate intensive use of products & materials either to validate your design or investigate a field failure. Our quality control system follows ISO 17025.

The test methods and services that we offer include:

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