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Micom Laboratories Inc. offers UV testing services for a wide range of materials and products. We use Atlas weatherometers with a 6500 watt xenon arc. The xenon arc, when properly filtered, can simulate indoor or outdoor exposure. This UV testing light source simulates UV and visible solar radiation better than any other artificial light source. There are various test methods related to this equipment and their typical applications can be found in a variety of industries including: textiles, automotive, paints and coatings, plastics and polymers, paper, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

UV exposure testing

Solar irradiance on materials causes fading, color change, surface erosion, loss of gloss and numerous other deteriorations. As part of the UV testing services we offer, we can measure color change, gloss and other material properties. Increasing the levels of irradiance represents a primary accelerating factor for different weathering test methods. Other factors of great influence on the weathering process are the temperature and relative humidity. The temperature of materials exposed to solar radiation can have a significant influence on the effect of that absorbed radiation. The destructive effects of light are usually accelerated at elevated temperatures, primarily by increasing the rate of secondary reactions. A general "rule of thumb" for the effect of temperature on reaction rates is that the latter doubles for each 10░ C increase in temperature. Even though this "rule" is to be considered only as a starting point, temperature is an important parameter to be considered in UV testing. It has an even greater influence when the set temperature is close to a material phase change or a glass transition. Moisture, in combination with radiation, is often a key contributor to material weathering. Moisture, present either by condensation or by water spray can contribute physically and/or chemically to degradation. The frequency and duration of the exposure to moisture is often a critical parameter.

Accelerated UV testing methods

Therefore, when doing UV testing, it is preferable to know which test method you will want to test to. It is important to know if you want to simulate indoor or outdoor conditions as this will determine which filter combination we will use. You then need to know at which irradiance level you want your samples to be exposed to as well as the "black panel" temperature and the relative humidity. Finally you will need to know if you want a rain cycle and/or a night cycle. Our UV testing experts will be happy to help you put together a meaningful test plan that will address your needs and give you real answers for your UV testing needs. With years of specialized technology testing expertise, in-depth experience and absolute commitment to customer care, our team of experts do more than simply test your products. Micom Laboratories Inc. strives to deliver services of outstanding value to our diverse customer base.

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