Laboratory Supervisor

Micom Laboratories Inc., founded in 1999, is an industrial testing laboratory counting 15 employees, offering testing services, technical consultation and research and development. The group specializes in providing both physical and physico-chemical testing of materials and assemblies. The group also offers various UV accelerated aging, corrosion, temperature and humidity testing in controlled environmental chambers as well as static, dynamic and fatigue testing. Micom also offers packaging testing such as: cold chain, drop, compression, vibration, etc.  

The group, based in Dorval, is the largest laboratory in Canada in many of its fields of activity. It enjoys an excellent reputation in Canada and in the USA. Micom lives a meaningful growth and develops new profitable cutting edge niches.

The major market segments in which Micom is currently active include: the transport material, logistics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, products certification, office furniture, juveniles products. Micom counts among its customers companies such as Bombardier, Volvo, Artopex, GSK, CAE, Teknion, CSA and many others. 

Mandate, role and responsibilities

Perfectly bilingual and reporting to the Director of operations, the Supervisor sees to the daily current operations of his division. The position incumbent will be the immediate superior of a project leader and two technicians. He will have to direct them as much on the technical plan and the productivity. He distances himself by his capacity to establish harmonious and effective working relations with his team and his work colleagues as well as reliable relation with the clientele by lending an attentive ear to their needs and by demonstrating them a lot of attention.

First year mandate

His mandate will consist in taking charge of the materials testing laboratory to ensure continuity at the production and quality level of all services by improving the efficiency and profitability of his department without harming the quality of service that is the trademark of the organization. More specifically, the supervisor will have:

  1. Acquired the experience and expertise to develop service offers by himself;
  2. Master the main testing methods of the laboratory as well as the client’s needs;
  3. Obtained a considerable satisfaction level of the clientele;
  4. Developed his credibility with his employees, of his peers as well as the team members.

His Role

His principal role is to duly understand the clients’ technical and commercial needs and to translate them into testing programs, service offers acceptable by the clients and by projects successfully done in laboratory in collaboration with his team and colleagues.

The service offers are the angular stone of his role. Understanding the needs of the customer as well as the profitability of the laboratory are dependent on this exercise.

The supervisor ensures the planning and management of all ongoing testing, taking into account available resources while ensuring the profitability of his department.

More specifically, the incumbent oversees the implementation of the test benches; the realization of the tests as well writing of the documentation associated to the tests plans, the experimental methods and to the test reports.

The supervisor also collaborates to internal and external audits preparation.

The person retained will be an energetic and proactive leader, who can prosper in a dynamic, stimulating business environment, in constant evolution where decisions either technical or for business must be taken all the time.

Main responsibilities: 

  • Establish good relations with the clientele to assure an optimal progress of the service offers and improve constantly the offered services;
  • Prioritize, plan and supervise the implementation and progress of testing programs, analyze the results and develop test reports;
  • Inform customers in regards to work progress and the results obtained;
  • Analyze the test results and deviations obtained from the specs and propose relevant recommendations and/or corrective action to customers;
  • Manage the equipment of the company required for testing;
  • Make sure of the application of all the procedures, policies, technical standards and the management of his department;
  • Hire and insure a continued training of the staff under his supervision.


  • University degree in sciences, engineering or a college technical degree combined with an equivalent experience;
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience globally;
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in staff supervision;
  • Minimum of 1 year experience in test benches design and testing methods development on finished products and/or materials;
  • Experience with relations with an external clientele;
  • Have excellent technical skills (physical, physico-chemical and mechanical).

Skills and behaviour required :  

  • Good capacities to manage at once several projects and finish them in a timely manner in the promised delays;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills both in English and in French. The major part of the customers are located outside Quebec;
  • The savoir-faire and the capacities of analysis and synthesis of the candidate are essential. The position requires a great deal of technical communications with the clients and laboratory staff.

Any candidature answering most of these requirements will be considered.

If this opportunity interests you, we invite you to contact and\or send your CV to Ann Hart at the following address: