Laboratory Supervisor

*** Fulfilled *** 

Micom Laboratories Inc., founded in 1999, is an industrial testing laboratory counting 15 employees, offering testing services, technical consultation and research and development. The group specializes in providing both physical and physico-chemical testing of materials and assemblies. The group also offers various UV accelerated aging, corrosion, temperature and humidity testing in controlled environmental chambers as well as static, dynamic and fatigue testing. Micom also offers packaging testing such as: cold chain, drop, compression, vibration, etc.  

The group, based in Dorval, is the largest laboratory in Canada in many of its fields of activity. It enjoys an excellent reputation in Canada and in the USA. Micom lives a meaningful growth and develops new profitable cutting edge niches.

The major market segments in which Micom is currently active include: the transport material, logistics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, products certification, office furniture, juveniles products. Micom counts among its customers companies such as Bombardier, Volvo, Artopex, GSK, CAE, Teknion, CSA and many others. 


  1. Prefer to work for a “David” rather than a “Goliath”.
  2. Want to feel that your actions have an immediate impact on the company you work for?
  3. Are an intrapreneur in the body of a scientist?
  4. Prefer to work in multitasking mode rather than working on one single project at a time?


  1. We are rather interested in your intelligence, your skills, your creativity and your values than your extensive experience;
  2. Our Vision: Tests on products and materials contributeto sustainable development;
  3. We know there is no such thing as “exact” science… The art behind the science …
  4. We want to have fun at work;
  5. We believe in people and teamwork.
  • Located in Dorval, Micom Laboratories Inc. is anindustrial testing laboratory. We simulate real life in the laboratory, under controlled yet accelerated conditions.
  • Our mission is to offer accelerated aging tests servicesto our industrial customers.
  • Our values: Quality, Reliability, Ingenuity, Practicality.

You are:

  1. Perfectly bilingual;
  2. Skillful in oral and written communications in a scientific environment;
  3. Effective in the management of priorities in a changing environment ;
  4. Comfortable to manage several projects simultaneously.

You have:

  • University degree in sciences, engineering or a college technical degree combined with an equivalent experience;
  • Excellent technical skills (physical, physico-chemical and mechanical);
  • A good capacity for analysis and synthesis to break complex problems into a series of simpler problems;
  • Good knowledge of materials science;
  • A spirit of initiative and are autonomous.


Reporting to the Director of Operations, the candidate will:

  • Understand the client’s technical objectives and needs and translate them into test programs;
  • Prepare technical specifications and service offers;
  • Supervise the workflow of the laboratory in collaboration with his team and colleagues;
  • Write the test reports.


Any candidature answering most of these requirements will be considered.

Should you be interested if this opportunity, we invite you to send your CV to: