Clients over the world

Our Clients

Micom offers a wide range test services to customers all over the world.  In many cases the samples we test are small and therefore can travel far without expensive courier charges.  It then becomes a matter of availability and price competitiveness.  This was the case, for example, for UV testing  where we exposed samples that were sent to us from Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines and Canterbury, New Zealand.  Likewise, we did some corrosion testing  for a customer in Montmirail, France and coating testing  for a company in Hsin Chuang Tapei Hsien, Taiwan.

A food company from the San Francisco area is having some of its products fabricated in locally in Montreal, under license, for the Canadian market.  They found us on the net and mandated us to test their pallet load designs to ISTA 3B.

Micom is involved on many technical committees and has a strong technical reputation built on many years of hard work.  In many cases customers outside of our area use our services because of our level of service, our deep knowledge of the standards we test to and our understanding of their needs.  Micom services both the Canadian and US markets.  We have many customers on both sides of the border and are strategically located to serve the US eastern seaboard from New England to Washington including Boston MA, New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, Washington DC and more.