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Environmental Policy

At Micom Laboratories, we believe in improving our environmental footprint as well as being environmental advocates through our services of mechanical and chemical testing. Indeed, our material test services can be powerful tools to improve field product performance and durability, hence sustainability. The reports contain relevant information so that our clients can make sound environmental decisions.

Our Contribution to the Environmental Effort

Micom Laboratories has taken means in order to contribute to the environmental effort which include:

  • Meeting or exceeding relevant environmental legislation and regulation.
  • Reducing our water intake by purchasing air cooled equipment such as environmental and UV chambers.
  • Reducing our electricity consumption by the use of LED lights.
  • Using a service provider for the recycling of our wood, cardboard, and other recyclable waste as well as for the treatment of hazardous and chemical waste such as solvents and paints.
  • Optimizing efficiently our energy resources by transferring the heat produced by our equipment into the offices during wintertime.
  • Recycling our electronic devices through Eco-friendly suppliers
  • Educating our employees on relevant environmental issues, responsibilities as well as our own policies.
  • Sensitizing our customers to the benefits of reducing their packaging while keeping the same level of quality in their products.
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