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Material Testing Lab

Micom Laboratories Inc. is an independent material testing lab offering material testing services for a wide range of industry segments including furniture, pharmaceutical, automotive and defense. We test various products, materials and complex assemblies from office furniture to surgical gloves, composite materials, automotive components and warfare equipment. We test for vibrations, temperature, humidity, corrosion, UV testing, impacts, tensile properties and other material testing services widely used by various types of industries.  The experts in our material testing lab can put together customized test protocols to simulate field failures or to simulate, on an accelerated basis, your product’s actual field use.

Micom specializes in material testing, both physical and mechanical, using a wide range of standards including: ASTM testing, ISO, BIFMAISTASAE and MIL-STD. To browse our services by standards, please refer to: Testing services by standard.

Furthermore, we also offer services for technical consulting, forensic investigations and research and development You can also refer to the resources page, which has a series of technical bulletins produced in-house by Micom’s experts.

UV testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers UV testing services for any product or assembly you may want to validate for light/UV exposure. Product failures (cracking, fading, chalking, etc.) due to light exposure, either indoor or outdoor, can turn into a nightmare in terms of customer satisfaction and warranty issues. Any kind of light, artificial or natural, whether it passes through glass or not, emits a UV spectrum to some extent. We can duplicate that spectrum in our UV testing laboratory on an accelerated basis to assess your product’s UV sensitivity. We can also recreate field failures in the lab by challenging your product with other types of stresses such as climatic chamber, accelerated corrosion, or material testing. Examples of our UV exposure tests include ASTM G154 for accelerated weathering and ASTM G155 for Xenon Arc, simulating exposure to natural sunlight.

ASTM testing

As a material testing lab, Micom offers a wide range of ASTM testing services including the ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test. Whether it is for accelerated aging, environmental testing, polymer testing or coating testing, our experts will be happy to work with you. Micom offers testing to hundreds of ASTM test methods. If you are looking for a specific ASTM test method we suggest you use the search feature at the right end of the website’s top menu. If you can’t find it please contact us; it is just impossible for us to list them all on our website.

Corrosion testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers a variety of corrosion tests that will enable you to test your products for material degradation and coating resistance to water. Corrosion testing is often performed using ASTM B117, however, other tests can also be used, including ASTM D1654, ASTM D1735, ASTM 2247, ASTM 5894 as well as ASTM G44 and ASTM G85. We also carry our cyclic corrosion testing and salt spay testing.

Environmental testing

As part of its environmental testing, Micom Laboratories Inc. offers environmental chamber exposure services to help you validate and/or predict how your product will perform under anticipated or extreme temperature and relative humidity conditions. Material and/or equipment failure can occur during storage, shipping or actual use and sometimes at the worst possible time. With years of experience in material testing and product testing our staff can help you challenge your product with environmental chamber simulations. Environmental chamber exposure can also be used to induce accelerated aging on your products. We can also further assist you by doing vibration, mechanical or actual use simulations.

Package testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers package testing services. Using industry standards such as ASTM D4169, ISTA, NCC, ISO and others; we will put together a test plan for you that simulates as close as possible your distribution process including storage, ambient temperature, relative humidity, stacking, vibrations and impacts. Our protective packaging test equipment is such that we can even simulate vibrations of various types of truck suspensions, aircrafts and other modes of transportation for small parcels, crates and full pallet loads. We can help you optimize your protective packaging both from a performance and cost standpoint.

BIFMA testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers BIFMA testing services to all BIFMA Standards related to mechanical testing and more. Office chairs are tested to BIFMA X5.1 while sofas are tested to BIFMA X5.4 . Desk products are tested to BIFMA X 5.5 whereas Storage cabinets are tested to BIFMA X 5.9 and panel systems to BIFMA X 5.6 . Educational seating can be tested to BIFMA X6.1, and occasional use seating can be tested to BIFMA X6.4. Our experts have supported BIFMA and CGSB in their standards development activities for the past 25 years; this has provided Micom with a very strong expertise in the field. We also strive to offer our customers a one stop service for their needs. For example BIFMA issued a “Cleanability Guideline” for healthcare furniture; one month after its release we were ready to support the industry with this new type of testing: BIFMA HCF 8.1 . Be it package testing, color fading , climatic chamber exposure and or material testing; Micom is a laboratory you can count on.

Accelerated aging

Accelerated aging of products / materials due to adverse surrounding environmental conditions, poor design or unfortunate material choices can turn into a nightmare in terms of field failures, claims and warranty issues. In some cases these failures can even cause injuries. Micom Laboratories Inc. offers accelerated aging testing services for any product or assembly you may want to validate against any typical environment, typical or abusive use. We can also mechanically challenge your product while it is being “conditioned” in our various accelerated aging chambers challenging your product with various stresses such as UV radiations, vibrations, accelerated corrosion, temperature and humidity cycling, impacts and other mechanical stresses.

Weatherometer testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers weatherometer testing services, to help you simulate on an accelerated basis how your product will perform under sunlight and other UV light sources. Material failure due to ultraviolet radiations can cause damage from an aesthetic stand point (color fading) as well as more structural problems such as surface cracking. With years of experience in weatherometer testing our staff can help you challenge your product to help you avoid UV aging-related issues.

ISTA testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers package testing services to ASTM D4169 and all ISTA standards inclusively, MIL-STD 810, NMTFA rule 180 & 181 and other standards. Our approved laboratory can test all package types from small parcels, ISTA 3A , to complete pallet loads . We also offer package testing on components and raw materials; TAPPI , ASTM and others.

Coating Testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers numerous coating testing services for a wide range of products and materials. We do surface coating testing to ASTM D522, ASTM D523, as well as ASTM D2240, ASTM D3359, ASTM D4060 and many others.

Cold chain testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers cold chain testing qualification services to insure you meet FDA, Health Canada, WHO and any other regulatory requirements in maintaining the product’s label temperature throughout the complete shipping process. Our customer base for our cold chain qualification services consists of companies throughout North America. Our protective packaging test services also allows us to not only make sure that your isothermal packaging will maintain the product’s label temperature but will also properly survive the complete shipping process.

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