Automotive Testing

Automotive Testing

Micom offers its customers automotive testing for a wide range of materials, products and sub assemblies.  Whether it is for climatic chamber testing, UV testing, Paint testing, Package testing or Material testing, our experts will be happy to help you put together a meaningful test plan that will address your needs and give you real answers.  With years of specialized technology testing expertise, in-depth experience and absolute commitment to customer care, our team of experts does more than simply test your products.  Micom Laboratories Inc. strives to deliver automotive testing services of outstanding value to our diverse customer base. 

Automotive testing services

Micom offers a wide variety of mechanical and physico-chemical material testing to the automotive industry according to various standards (ASTM, SAE, MIL-STD, ISTA, ANSI, CSA, BRP, GM & others).  Our specialists can also provide you with custom material testing services focused on your specific needs.
Our facilities allow us to test a wide range of raw materials and finished products. Whether you need temperature cycling, composite materials testing, accelerated corrosion or accelerated ageing, Micom’s staff is always available to support your technical needs.
Our automotive testing facilities are also equipped to test prototypes and sub assemblies to simulate intensive use of products and materials either to validate your design or investigate a field failure.  Our test facility is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to ISO 17025.

Micom offers a wide range of Material testing services to companies such as Volvo, BRP, Weber and others. 

Automotive testing

Overheating gaz lift upon fatigue cycling


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Accelerated Aging:
•  Climatic chambers – Humidity, temperature cycling -78°C to +150°C, 10 – 95% RH
•  UV testing – ASTM G155, ASTM G154,  ASTM D4329, SAE J2527, SAE J2412, SAE J1885, SAE J1960, GMW 3414, SAE J1455, SAE J1960, SAE J-2527, ISO 4892
•  Salt spray – ASTM B117, CCT-A, CCT-D, MCT-1M, MCT-2M, SAE J1563, BMW CCT, VDA 621-415, ISO 7253, ASTM D1735, ASTM D2247, ASTM D5894, ASTM G85
•  Accelerated temperature ageing 
•  Laboratory simulations of field failures
•  Thermal shock testing (-78°C to +200°C)
•  High & low temperature tensile & compression tests

Chrysler testing

•  LP-463AB-54-01 (Shear Strength)
•  LP-463CB01-02 (Adhesives Shear Strength of Solvent Release Pressure)
•  LP-463CB-10-01 (Adhesives – Heat Humidity and Cold Aging Test for Adhesives)
•  LP-463DD-07-01 (Plastics – Cold Tests of Plastic Materials)
•  LP-463DD-08-02 (Plastics – Accelerated Service Temperature)
•  LP-463KB-02-01 (Breaking Strength and Elongation Testing of Soft Trim Materials)
•  LP-463KB-03-01 (Tear Strength of Soft Trim Materials)
•  LP-463KB-06-01 (Wear Resistance of Soft Trim Materials)
•  LP-463KB-07-01 (Fadeometer Testing – Automotive Interior Trim)
•  LP-463KB-12-01 (Fabrics – Weatherometer Test of Automotive Type Trim)
•  LP-463KB-21-01 (Wear Resistance of Trim Materials – Taber Method)
•  LP-463KB-25-01 (Fabric – Relative Stiffness in Flexure of Automotive
•  LP-463LB-10-01 (Bond Strength of Trim Materials)
•  LP-463LB-12-01 (Resistance to Humidity Hot and Cold Cycling of Trim Materials Test)
•  LP-463LB-13-01 (Leather – Heat Aging of Trim Materials)
•  LP-463PB-11-01 (Measurement of Specular Reflection)
•  LP-463PB-15-01 (Adhesion and Toughness)
•  LP-463PB-22-01 (Cycle Testing of Painted Surfaces)
•  LP-463PB-52-01 (Chipping Corrosion Test)
•  LP-463TB-03-01 (Tapes and Films – Peel Strength and Adhesion – Determination of)
•  LP-463TB-09-01 (Cold Impact Tests – Bonded Moldings, Die-Cast Ornaments, and Appliques)

 Coating Testing

•  Weatherometer testing, Q-UV, U.V. exposure (ASTM G155, G154)
•  Test chamber – temperature and Humidity cycling
•  Taber Abrasion – ASTM D4060
•  Gloss ASTM D523
•  Salt spray (ASTM B117)
•  Scratch resistance (ASTM D3363)

Ford Motor Company

•  FLTM BI 103-01 (Salt Spray Resistance Test for Painted Panels and Parts)
•  FLTM BI 104-01 (Water Immersion Test for Painted Parts and Panels)
•  FLTM BI 104-04 (Adhesion/Immersion Test)
•  FLTM BI 106-01 (Coating Adhesion Test
•  FLTM BI 108-01 (Impact Test for Painted Panels)
•  FLTM BI 110-01 (Measurement of the Gloss of Paint Panels)
•  FLTM BI 113-01 (Water and Soap Spotting Test for Paint)
•  FLTM BI 117-01 (Thickness Measurement of Paint Films)
•  FLTM BI 151-01 (Pencil Hardness of Paint Films)
•  FLTM BN 015-06 (Wear Resistance of Trim Materials – Taber Method)
•  FLTM BN 102-01 (Polymeric Materials – Low Temperature Flexibility
•  FLTM BN 108-02 (Resistance to Abrasion – Taber Abraser)
•  FLTM BN 108-13 (Resistance to Scratching)
•  FLTM BN 113-03 (Extended Heat Aging of Polymeric Coated Fabrics)
•  FLTM BN 115-07 (Compression Set of Polyurethane Foam)
•  FLTM BN 117-01 (Determination of the Effect of Fadeometer Aging on Tensile Strength)
•  FLTM BN 117-03 (Evaluation of Trim Materials after Accelerated Exposure in a Controlled Irradiance Water Cooled Xenon Arc Apparatus)
•  FLTM BN 150-04 (Determination of Tensile Strength and Elongation of Flexible Trim
•  FLTM BO 012-01 (Resistance of Polyurethane Foam to Deterioration
•  FLTM BO 013-02 (Indentation Test for Flexible Polyurethane Foam
•  FLTM BO 113-03 (Load Deflection Test
•  FLTM BO 115-01 (Plastics – Resistance to Artificial Weathering
•  FLTM BO 115-02 (Resistance of Plastics to Artificial Weathering
•  FLTM BO 116-01 (Exposure of Interior Trim Materials in a Conmtrolled Irradiance Water Colec Xenon-Arc Apparatus
•  FLTM BO 117-02 (Impact Test for Plastics
•  FLTM BO 129-01 (Water Immersion – Dimensional Stability of Elastomers and Plastics
•  FLTM BO 129-02 (Water Absorption – Elastomers and Plastics
•  FLTM BO 151-01 (Resistance to Low Temperature Impact
•  FLTM BQ 104-02 (Humidity Resistance Testing
•  FLTM BQ 104-07 (Environmental Test Cycles)

•  FLTM BV 001-06 (Overlap Shear Adhesion Test for Adhesives and Sealants)

GM Testing

•  GM 3601M (Adhesion Requirements of Bonded Exterior Trim)
•  GGM 3602M (Adhesion Requirements of Bonded Interior Assemblies)
•  GGM 3602M (Adhesion Requirements of Exterior Trim attached with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape)

•  GM 4298P (Salt Spray Test)
•  GM 4465P (Water Fob Humidity Test)
•  GM 9071P (Tape Adhesion Test for Paint Finishes)
•  GM 9082P (Test for Wear Resistance of Plastics)
•  GM 9101P (Test for Evaluating Paint Film Distinctness of Image)
•  GM 9125P (Procedures for Laboratory Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Materials)
•  GM 9131P (Color Changes due to Temperature or Humidity)
•  GM 99172P (Sunlamp Exposure Test)
•  GM 9200P (Accelerated Aging and Steaming)
•  GM 9207P (Fastening Strengths of Hook and Loop Tapes)
•  GM 9216P (Coating Adhesion of Vinyl Coated Materials)
•  GM 9307P (Aging Test for Vinyl Compounds and/or Parts)
•  GM 9327P (Exterior Weatherability of Integrally Colored Plastics)
•  GM 9329P (High Temperature Humidify Aging)
•  GM 9502P (Knife Cross-Hatch Adhesion Test)
•  GM 9503P (Evaluating Brittleness of Painted Plastics and Sealants by Means of a Mandrel
•  GM 9504P (Oven Aging Test Procedure for Painted Plastic Substrates)
•  GM 9505P (Automotive Environmental Cycles)
•  GM 9515P (Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings (Taber Abraser Method))
•  GM 9518P (Determining Paint Thickness of Painted Flexible Plastic Parts)
•  GM 9525P (Thermal Shock Test for Paint Adhesion)
•  GM 9758P (Adhesion and Durability of Exterior Trims)
•  GMW 14124 (Automotive Environmental Cycles)
•  GMW 14127 (Impact Cold Crack)
•  GMW 14162 (Colorfastness to Artificial Weathering)
•  GMW 14334 (Chemical Resistance to Fluids)
•  GMW 14445 (Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Resistance)
•  GMW 14729
(Procedures for High Humidity Test)
•  GMW 14829 (Tape Adhesion Test for Paint Finishes)
•  GMW 15919 (Thermal Shock Test for Paint Adhesion)
•  GMW 3010 (Determination of Tensile and Elongation Properties)

Honda Testing

•  JIS B 7754 (Xenon Arc)
•  HES D 6501 (Coatings)

Material Testing

•  Tensile Strength – ASTM D638, D1623, D2990, D5574
•  Compressive Strength – ASTM D695, D2990,  D4762
•  Flexural Strength – ASTM D790, D3043, D5616
•  Foam – ASTM D3574
•  Moisture Absorption – ASTM D570
•  Particle Board Testing – ASTM D1037
•  Specular Gloss – ASTM D523
•  Conical Mandrel – ASTM D522
•  Hardness – ASTM D2240
•  Color Measurement – ASTM D2244
•  Abrasion Resistance – ASTM D4060
•  Flatwise Tensile Strength of Sandwich Constructions – ASTM C297
•  Coating Film Thickness – ASTM D1196
•  Paint Adhesion – ASTM D3359
•  Salt fog exposure – ASTM B117

Nissan testing

•  NES M0131 (Methods of High Temperature Test for Passenger Compartment Symthetic Resin Parts)
•  NES M0132 (Thermal Cycle Test Methods for Plastic Parts)
•  NES M0135 (Weatherability and Light Resistance Test Methods for Synthetic Resin Parts)
•  NES M0136 (Abrasion Resistance Test Methods for Plastic Parts)

•  NES M0140 (Salt Spray Testing)
•  NES M0142 (Physical Testing Methods for Vulcanized Rubber)

SAE testing

•  SAE J1545 (Instrumental Color Difference Measurement for Exterior Finishes, Textiles and Colored Trim)
•  SAE J1717 (Interior Automotive Plastic Part Testing)
•  SAE J1885 (Acceletated Exposure of Automotive Interior Trim Components using a Controlled Irradiance Water Cooled Xenon-Arc Apparatus)
•  SAE J1960 (Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials using a Controlled Irradiance Water Cooled Xenon-Arc Apparatus)
•  SAE J2020 (Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials using a Fluorescent UV and Condensation Apparatus)
•  SAE J2527 (Performance Based Standard for Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials Using a Controlled Irradiance Xe
non-Arc Apparatus)
•  SAE J315 (Fiberboard Test Procedure)
•  SAE J323 (Test Method for Determining Cold Cracking of Flexible Plastic Materials)
•  SAE J949 (Test Method for Determining Stiffness of Interior Trim Materials and Substrated by a Three Point Bending Test