About Micom

Micom Laboratories Inc., founded in 1999, is an established third party independent laboratory offering product and material testing services. With a proven track record of helping customers succeed, we specialize in providing complete test services and expertise for today’s complex offerings.

With years of specialized technology testing expertise, in-depth experience and absolute commitment to customer care, our team of experts does more than simply test your products. Micom Laboratories Inc. strives to deliver outstanding value to our diverse customer base.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality services at value-based costs.

Our measure of success is our long-term client partnerships.

Micom Laboratories Inc. is committed to providing rapid turnaround time, value based pricing, technical assistance, key account management and accurate timely reporting.  We partner with our clients to improve the quality of their products and brand image.

Where we come from:

Founder and CEO, Michel Comtois formed Micom Laboratories Inc. after having spent 14 years in research and contract laboratories managing various types of departments all related to physical chemistry, physics, mechanical and material testing. Michel’s role gave him firsthand experience and in-depth understanding of the development and testing process.

Taking this valuable insight and his vision to provide high quality, cost-effective product testing for other technology companies, Micom Laboratories began providing specialized testing services.

Using proven processes and quality procedures in its specialized lab, Micom Laboratories staff delivers the end results our customers need – products that meet all necessary requirements to ship their products around the globe. This frees them from costly and time-consuming testing and allows them to focus on their essential engineering and business issues.

Today Micom Laboratories has a 15 000 square feet test facility, in Montreal, Canada.  We offer a wide range of test services all related to material and product testing.

Micom laboratories has invested in technically strong people who are oriented toward high quality standards and who are also capable of great creativity which allows its team to fulfill mandates undertaken by the company.

Our services:

The following links will help you browse our services by test type: Accelerated aging, Corrosion Testing, Custom testing, Environmental Testing, Furniture Testing, Material testing Lab, Package Testing, UV Testing.