Regulatory & Compliance Testing

Micom offers Regulatory and Compliance test services for a wide range of Products.  Regulatory compliance testing as it relates to material testing is made mandatory through regulations promulgated by various Government levels mainly at the Federal level at least for both the United States and Canada.  Most of the time, if deemed necessary and if an existing compliance or certification is available, Governments will regulate that it be made mandatory. In other cases where there are no compliance scheme available, Governments will create their own test procedures to support their regulation.  For example, in Canada, the Federal Government did create through its Hazardous Products Matches Regulation its test method-20 which is exclusive to the Canadian Government.

The regulatory and compliance testing services we offer include:

Health Canada:

Health Canada carries regulatory testing and research on chemical, flammability and mechanical hazards of consumer products. They also develop and share test methods and technical advice with industry and private laboratories.

Test services we offer pertaining to Health Canada’s sphere of influence include a wide range of products ranging from cold chain testing to lighter and matches testing.  Our services also include juvenile products testing such as baby cribs and strollers.  

Transport Canada:

Transport Canada ensures air, marine, rail and road safety, as well as the safe transportation of dangerous goods. Transport Canada develops and enforces safety regulations and standards; tests and promotes safety technologies.  Micom offers test services related to Transport Canada’s regulatory and compliance requirements including Dangerous Products Package Testing both for boxes and intermediate bulk containers, baby car seats for flammability resistance and compression resistance.


Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is an important procurement arm of the Government of Canada.  Micom is involved with PWGSC as technical experts.  Furthermore PWGSC, for its office furniture acquisition process, requires bidders to establish their product compliance to Canada’s national standards for the following product categories:

The first four categories shown above are covered by a national standard under the hospices of the Canadian General Standards Board.

Canadian General Standards Board:

The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) is a federal government organization that offers client-centered standards development and compliance assessment services in support of the Government, industry and citizens of Canada.   CGSB offers a wide range of standards.   Micom’s experts sit on many CGSB standards writing committees and offers CGSB testing services for compliance purposes.


GSA, Government Supply Administration, Is the US equivalent of PWGSC for Canada, only much larger. Among other goods and services GSA administers procurement activities for the US Government under its “Schedule 71”.  GSA is known to be the largest single public purchaser of office furniture in the free world.  Micom offers the furniture industry all of the BIFMA compliance testing services necessary so that a manufacturer can sell GSA its furniture products.

Other compliance testing services:

Not all compliance testing is for Governments either; many of our customers have to prove to their own customers their products meet their specific performance requirements.  Indeed; this is particularly true if you are a supplier to large manufacturers such as in the automotive or aerospace industry.  It is important for us to be aware of this as for test plan preparation it changes our approach.  Indeed if a customer requests a test for a given product and our experts feel this is not the best test to do; we will make a point to bring the issue to our customer’s attention.  Should our customer be opened to discuss our concern we will be happy to make recommendations.  Of course if they are in a compliance scheme; we have to be careful about changing a test plan.  In either case, as part of our ISO 17025 accreditation, we are always careful to insure our customers understands the test plan subtleties so that they really get the best possible test plan for their needs.

Micom offers regulatory and compliance testing for a wide range of products and materials including:

Product Category

Certification Body / Recipient



Juvenile Safety


Cribs and Cradles

Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC)  and Health Canada

Strollers (M-15)

Health Canada

Blinds (CSA Z-600)

CSA, Health Canada



Hazardous Products


Lighters (F-19)

Health Canada

Matches (F-20)

Health Canada



Office Furniture


Seating products

GSA, PWGSC, States  Government, Provincial Governments, large Corporations

Desk products

GSA, PWGSC, States  Government, Provincial Governments, large Corporations

Storage Products

GSA, PWGSC, States  Government, Provincial Governments, large Corporations

Lounge seating

GSA, PWGSC, States  Government, Provincial Governments, large Corporations

Panel systems

GSA, PWGSC, States  Government, Provincial Governments, large Corporations

Cal TB 133

US States





CGSB standards:


Recycled Laser Printer  Cartridges (CAN/CGSB 53.148)

Canadian General  Standards Board (CGSB)

Vapor Barriers (CAN/CGSB 51.34)

Canadian General  Standards Board (CGSB)

Surgical and Examination  Gloves

Canadian General Standards  Board (CGSB)



Hazardous Materials


Small Containers TP14850

Transport Canada

Intermediate Bulk Containers CAN/CGSB 43.150

Transport Canada

Infectious Substances CAN/CGSB 43.125. 99

Transport Canada






International Safe Transit  Association, Sears US

Pallet Loads

International Safe  Transit Association

Insulated Containers Testing

World Health  Organization, FDA, Health Canada





Refrigerator and Freezer Testing

World Health Organization  (WHO)

Solar Power Systems Testing

World Health Organization  (WHO)

Should you need help, our experts will be happy to what specific tests/specification your products must meet; contact us.

Additional test services:

For more information on our test services you can also go to: ASTM testing, ISTA testing or Material testing.