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Health Canada Testing

Micom offers testing per Health Canada methods and procedures. MicomlabGuy2 works very closely with Health Canada in order to suggest improvements or adjustments to the test methods when the various markets covered by those regulations evolve.

This type of testing is part of our material testing offering. Most of the tests we offer are related (but not limited) to Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and its regulations (i.e.: Hazardous Product Regulations SOR/2015-17).

Our Health Canada Testing Services

Our Health Canada testing services offer includes:

  • Method F-19: Test Method for Lighters. This method describes procedures for testing lighters for compliance with the current Lighter Regulation (SOR/2016-184)
  • Method F-20: Test Method for Matches. This method describes procedures for testing matches for compliance with the current Matches Regulation (Hazardous Products (Matches) Regulation C.R.C., c. 929)

Should you need help, our experts will be happy to help you identify what specific tests/specification your products must meet.

Additional Test Services

For more information on our test services you can also go to: ASTM Testing, ISTA Testing or Material Testing.

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