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Polymer Testing

Micom offers a wide range of polymer testing services. Our climate controlled laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025. The tests offered are for a multitude of industries from Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Juvenile products. You will find below a limited list of test services we offer for plastics, rubber and composite material testing:

Mechanical Properties

Flatwise Tensile Strength – ASTM C297Impact – ASTM D2794
Coating Flexibility – ASTM D522Plastics Mechanical Prop. ASTM D2990
Tensile Strength ASTM D638Flexural Strength ASTM D3043
Comp. Str. Rigid Plastics ASTM D695Coating Adhesion Tape – ASTM D3359
Flexural Strength ASTM D790Foam ASTM D3574
Specific Gravity ASTM D792Taber Abrasion – ASTM D4060
Particle Board Testing ASTM D1037Composite Materials ASTM D4762
Rigid Cellular Plastics ASTM D1623Wood-Bonding Adhesives ASTM D5574

Accelerated Aging

Surface properties

The following video is about the ASTM D1781 Climbing Drum Peel Test for Adhesives. It measures the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between a relatively flexible adherend and a rigid adherend.

For other related test methods please see: Material Testing, Accelerated Aging, Coating Testing, ASTM Testing.

We also invite you to download our brochure to learn more about our Paint, Coating and Polymer testing services.

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