SEFA 8 Testing Standards - Micom LaboratoriesMicom is accredited to test to SEFA 8. SEFA stands for Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association. They maintain various standards related to laboratory furniture including laboratory metal casework, fume hoods, etc…

SEFA 8 is used to assess the durability of laboratory casework shelving and tables.  It is intended to provide manufactures, specifiers and users, a proper tool for evaluating the safety, durability, and structural integrity of metal laboratory grade casework and complementary items.

The following pieces of furniture for testing purposes:

  • A base cabinet of nominally 48″ wide x 22″ deep x 36″ high. A drawer going the full width of the unit and approximately ¼ of the height of the cabinet open facing is sitting on top of a cupboard equipped with two vertically hinged doors.
  • A wall cabinet, nominally 48″ wide, 12″ deep and 30″ high, with two vertically hinged doors.
  • A table, nominally 60″ long, 24″ deep and 36″ high, resting on four legs.

SEFA 8 testing requires three types of testing in order to establish compliance:

  • Mechanical/resistance tests such as loads on work surfaces, shelves and drawers. Cabinet torsion and pull force requirements on drawers.
  • Dynamic testing such as impacts on drawers and doors as well as cycling tests on doors and drawers.
  • Cabinet surface finish tests such as exposure to 49 chemicals including solvents, acids, alkalies and some staining chemical reagents

Testing to SEFA-8 typically requires 2-4 weeks, depending on lab availability.

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