Material Testing in California

California is a diverse and economically robust state with many industry sectors to which Micom Laboratories Inc. can offer test services. The advent of the internet, combined with market globalization, facilitated Micom’s penetration of this market with our material testing services. For instance, Micom has sold test services, including package and cold chain testing, to pharmaceutical companies in California who sell cancer-fighting drugs. With material test services such as UV testing and corrosion testing, test samples can easily be sent overnight, facilitating the process.

With the wide array of material tests offered by Micom, many Californian companies benefit not only from our technical services, but also our deep understanding of our customers’ needs for integrated solutions and meaningful results that can support them in their research and development activities.

California’s electronics industry can also benefit from the test services we offer, such as thermal shock testing, to insure component reliability as well as temperature and humidity cycling. Furthermore, the aerospace industry in California accounts for 9% of the global market share for this industry. Micom offers a lot of material and sub-assembly test services for this industry, in which companies often search for “out of the box” solutions.

At the base of all these industries, materials performance is of paramount importance and our material test services can be key to helping these industries move forward.