Standard Test Method for Flatwise Tensile Strength of Sandwich Constructions

ASTM C297 test method determines the flatwise tensile strength of the core, the core-to-facing bond or the facing of an assembled sandwich panel. This test method is used mainly used for composite and polymer testing. Micom offers ASTM C297 test services.

ASTM C297 Typical flatwise tensile strength test

Flatwise Tensile Strength – Uses And Factors To Be Considered

ASTM C297 can be used to measure the strength and quality of core-to facing bonds. It can also be used to produce flatwise tensile strength data for the core material. ASTM C297 is used as a quality control test for bonded sandwich panels, it also used to measure the flatwise tensile strength for structural design properties, material specifications, and research and development applications.

Factors having an impact on test results accuracy when testing to ASTM C297 include specimen preparation, specimen conditioning, ambient testing conditions, grips and sample alignment and speed of testing.

System Alignment—Excessive bending will cause premature failure. Excess bending should be eliminated from the test assembly. Bending may occur as a result of misaligned grips, poor specimen preparation, or poor alignment of the bonding blocks and loading fixture.

Conditioning and ambient testing conditions — When testing for flatwise tensile strength accuracy is impacted by the environmental conditions under which the test samples are conditioned and tested.  The conditioning duration will vary depending on how hygroscopic the samples are.  For paper-based products 24 hours is often sufficient, whereas for some products a minimum of a week is required.

ASTM C297 Typical Experimental Parameters

  • Number of specimens per product: 5
  • Specimen dimensions: 2” X 2”
  • Conditioning Temperature: 23 ± 2 °C
  • Conditioning relative humidity: 50 ± 5%
  • Related test methods

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