ASTM D3359

ASTM D3359 is a standard test methods for measuring adhesion by tape test. This test assesses the adhesion of film coatings to metallic substrates by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in the film. This test method is also known as the Cross Hatch test. ASTM D3359 is often used to evaluate coating adhesion following ageing process of UV testing, Salt Spray, Accelerated Aging or immersion in different liquids. Micom Laboratories offers ASTM D3359 test as part of its Coating test services.

ASTM D3359 Tape Test – Uses and Factors to Be Considered

There are two distinct test methods in ASTM D3359: method A and B.  Typically method A is used for field testing and method B is used in laboratory. ASTM D3359 is widely used in the coating industry as it allows to semi-quantify the adhesion of the coating undergoing testing to the specific substrate it is applied to. Because of its macroscopic nature, this method allows to factor in the complete coating process from surface preparation to curing. Despite its wide use, this test is more qualitative than quantitative.

In method A; an “X” is cut through the film and a prescribed pressure-sensitive tape is applied over the cut and then removed.  The adhesion is evaluated on a 0 to 5 scale.

In method B; a perpendicular lattice pattern with either six or eleven cuts in each direction is made through the film and a prescribed pressure-sensitive tape is applied over the lattice and then removed. The adhesion is then evaluated by comparison with descriptions and illustrations. The adhesion is evaluated on a 0 to 5 scale.

Tape Test – Typical Experimental Parameters

  • Test method: method A or B
  • If method B is chosen: distance between slits
  • Number of samples: 1
  • Sample dimensions: 4” X 4“

Other Related Test Methods

For additional test methods related to ASTM D3359 we invite you to read more about our Coating testing services. Other related tape adhesion test methods include DIN EN ISO 2409 (Paints and varnishes — Cross-cut test), FLTM BI 106-01, GM 9071P, GMW14829, ISO 2409, and Navistar MPAPS GT-Paint GT-5A.

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The Appendix below provides additional information about numerous material tests carried out at Micom Laboratories including the classification of adhesion test results according to ASTM D3359.

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