Climatic Chamber Testing

Climatic chamber testing is a broad term used to describe different ways of simulating climate or excessive ambient conditions exposure for a product or a material under laboratory controlled yet accelerated conditions.  Climatic chamber testing can refer to numerous tests. For example, you can use UV testing to simulate accelerated sun exposure. In addition, climatic chamber testing can be undertaken with Salt Spray Testing where the corrosiveness of the ambient atmosphere is simulated in a controlled salt fog environment using ASTM B117 test.

Climatic chamber testing and additional tests

climatic chamber testing services done at Micom Laboratories

In addition to climatic chamber testing, we also offer other lab services such as temperature and relative humidity cycling often referred to as Test chamber testing.  Micom offers also Thermal shock testing where your product, for example, could be cycled between -78 °C and + 200 °C within 20 seconds in either direction, for thousands of cycles.

Heat aging is one of the simplest test offered in this category. However, it is required on a regular basis in a lot of industry segments.  This type of testing is based on the fact that every chemical reaction doubles its rate for every 10˚C increments.  Learn more about heat aging.

We also offer additional climatic chamber testing services tailored to specific conditions such as altitude testing using ASTM D6653, vibrations testing using ASTM D4728, rain and condensing humidity test using ASTM D4585, and many other ambient stress tests.

Additional test methods

For additional test methods related to test chambers we invite you to learn more about Accelerated AgingTest Chamber, Thermal Shock, Heat Aging , Coating Testing and Polymer Testing.

If you have any questions about climatic chamber testing, we invite you to contact our material testing lab today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and review your custom testing requirements. You can always call one of our material testing experts at 1 (888) 996-4266.

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