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BIFMA X5.11 – New Standard Release

BIFMA X5.11 General Purpose Large Occupant Office Chairs – tests –  was released on January 5, 2015 by the Business Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association.  This standard is for individuals having a body mass greater than 253 lbs and up to 400 lbs which equates to the 99,5th percentile male in the US.  BIFMA X 5.1 is for occupants with a body mass up to 253lbs.  To a large extent the two standards are similar; the test procedures are the same however most of the loads and forces were increased.  One should note this is not a bariatric chair standard which more or less would be the level above.  For chairs to qualify to BIFMA X5.11; they have to have a minimum seat width of 560 mm (22 inches).  This standard is also divided in 3 different chair types:

  • Type I:  Tilting chair
  • Type II: Fixed seat angle, tilting backrest
  • Type III: Fixed seat angle, fixed backrest

There are 3 types of tests required in the standard:

  • Static loads
  • Dynamic loads
  • Cycle tests

The tests are as follow:

General-Purpose Large Occupant Office Chairs

Section #:

  • 5. Seat Width Measurements
  • 6. Back strength test (Type I)
  • 7. Back strength test (Type II & III)
  • 8. Drop test
  • 9. Swivel cycling test
  • 10. Tilt mechanism test
  • 11.2. Seating impact test
  • 11.4. Front Corner Load Ease Test – Cyclic
  • 12.3. Rear Stability test
  • 12.4. Front Stability
  • 13. Arm strength test Vertical
  • 14. Arm strength test Horizontal
  • 15. Backrest durability (Type 1)
  • 16. Backrest durability (Type 2 & 3)
  • 17. Caster/chair base durability test
  • 18. Leg strength test – front application & side application
  • 21. Arm durability test
  • 22. Out Stop Tests for Chairs with anually Adjustable Seat Depth
  • 23. Tablet Arm Static Load Test
  • 24. Tablet Arm Load Ease Test – Cyclic

Contrary to BIFMA X 5.1; there is no base test required.  Chances are this test will also be removed from the next version of BIFMA X 5.1.

For more information about this new standard and our furniture testing  services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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