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Hazardous Product Matches Regulation Method F20: 2016 a verification year!

Health Canada Enforcement Policy: Matches Regulation C.R.C., ch. 929

On December 14 2015, The Healthy Environment and Consumer Safety branch of Health Canada informed all Manufacturers, Importers, Advertisers and Sellers of matches that the compliance of matches manufactured, imported or sold in Canada will be verified in early 2016.

flame2As you probably know, all matches manufactured, imported or sold in Canada are subjected to the requirements of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and the Hazardous Products (Matches) Regulation (HPMR). The HPMR was last amended on June 20, 2011, therefore all products sold in Canada are expected to be in compliance with the current regulation by now. If requested, the compliance documents [1] are to be provided to Health Canada within 15 days upon request from a Health Canada inspector. Health Canada clearly indicated that testing should be completed in an objective and verifiable manner and that an internally generated certificate with a general statement of compliance would not be an acceptable document.

Should you have any question regarding sampling or testing per Method F-20 according to the requirements of the HPMR, feel free to contact us.

Micom is a third party industrial laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, and ISTA and is also recognized by Health Canada as a test service provider.

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[1] Documents should be in the form of test reports where the matches have been tested against the requirements of the HPMR and the results recorded in a report format as described in the Product Safety Laboratory of Health Canada’s Test Method F-20.


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