Material Testing in Massachusetts

Micom Laboratories Inc. offers material testing services to the state of Massachusetts, which is currently the tenth fastest growing economy in America. Massachusetts is the most populous state in New England and its economy largely relies on high technology research and development, finance and trade, the defense industry, medicine, education, commercial fishing, and food processing. Boston, its capital and central nervous system, is only 300 miles from Montreal, which makes for a short driving distance for shipping test samples. Material testing, accelerated aging and custom testing are at the heart of any research and development activities, which makes Micom a perfect partner to work with, given our proximity and the wide range of test services we offer.

Companies from the health science industries in the Boston, Massachusetts area have used our test services not only for material testing, such as corrosion, vibration or UV testing, but also for more specialized test services, such as cold chain and package testing.

There is also a fair amount of more traditional manufacturing taking place in Massachusetts. For instance, Micom offers furniture testing services to local manufacturers as well as packaging testing for industries involved in other traditional manufacturing.