Material Testing in Ontario

The rich and diverse economy of Ontario is the largest in Canada. The automotive sector plays a vital role in this economy, accounting for more than 30% of all exports. Even though we rarely hear about it in the news, Ontario also has the largest base of office furniture manufacturers of all Canadian provinces. Furthermore, Ontario is home to many generic pharmaceutical companies and defense related industries.

Companies from many of these industries are already customers of Micom Laboratories Inc. and our material testing. Many more still would benefit from using our services. Indeed, being the largest office furniture test laboratory in Ontario and in Canada, Micom already works with most of the big players in this industry. Micom offers this industry a one-stop shopping solution for additional test services such as package testing and surface finish testing.

Micom’s wide range of material test services caters very well to Ontario’s automotive industry. This includes environmental chamber testing, UV accelerated aging, salt spray testing, and much more. Micom provides this industry with custom test solutions to validate sub-assemblies, such as fuel systems, articulated buses accordion systems, doors, etc. The essence of what Micom does is to simulate real life in the lab under controlled yet accelerated conditions. This type of service is used extensively by this industry for many reasons, including safety and reliability issues.

The material test services offered by Micom Laboratories Inc. are also perfectly suited to the pharmaceutical industry in Ontario. Cold chain testing and package testing are just a few among the many material testing services we have that are tailored to this industry.