Office Furniture Testing

Micom Laboratories Inc. is one of the few labs in North America truly specialized in office furniture testing.  Micom is by far the largest office furniture testing laboratory in Canada and a leader in the field. The services we offer encompass the following standards related to office furniture testing as well as mechanical testing of raw products and composite materials:

Office and Furniture Laboratory Testing |Micom LaboratoriesMicom has been offering office furniture testing services for the past 15 years.  Whether it is to qualify your product lines to the ANSI/BIFMA or CGSB furniture standards to sell to GSA, the Canadian Government or any other customers you might have to satisfy, Micom can help you with your needs.  Our experts have extensive experience in furniture testing through their involvement with the BIFMA and CGSB technical committees in charge of writing the standards you must qualify to.  Our Laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 by the Standards Council Canada and the Canadian General Standards Board.  Our test reports are accepted throughout North America.

At Micom, office furniture testing is far more than simply a quote, a few samples and a test report. True, sometimes that is all there is to it, but more often than not, there will be deadlines, the specific requirements of the revision authority, questions, or, unfortunately, some products may fail a test.

At Micom, we guide you every step of your project. We carefully prepare the test plan, to ensure that you won’t be doing tests that would be redundant. That’s right, not every unit of every line needs to be tested in order for them to be considered compliant. BIFMA uses, in all of its office furniture testing standards, an approach based on worst-case scenarios. That means that with a few choice parts, you can usually cover most of your product line.   All of this at very competitive prices and with fast turnaround time.

At Micom we understand your customers’ technical requirements and will help you address them.

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Other Related Test Methods

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Download our office furniture testing brochure below for more information on how Micom can help you in your product development by carrying out the appropriate tests according to current standards. If you have questions about our services and tests, please feel free to contact us.

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