ASTM D2794

Standard Test Method for Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact Resistance)

ASTM D2794 is a standard test method for resistance of organic coatings to the effects of rapid deformation (impact). This test involves applying organic coatings to suitable 24 gauges metal panels and dropping a standard weight from a certain distance to induce an indenter deforming the coating as well as the substrate. Micom Laboratories offers ASTM D2794 as part of its paint testing services.

The point at which failure can occur can be determined by increasing the distance from which the weight is dropped. Paint films typically break down by cracking. The use of a magnifier such as copper sulfate or a pin hole detector is a way to allow a better visualization of the cracking. Stereoscopic evaluations can also be used.

This test method is also often carried out after the samples were subjected to an accelerated aging process such as ASTM G154 for sun exposure aging and after heat aging.

ASTM D2794 Image of a deformation resistence test

Resistance of organic coatings to rapid deformation

The coatings applied to the substrates are subjected to significantly altering impacts whether it is during their making of or their use. This test method is found to be quite useful in the prediction of organic coatings’ impact resistance, the number of inch-pounds required to produce cracking in the deformed coating.

Typical Experimental parameters for ASTM D2794 testing

  • Number of specimens/product: at least four specimens
  • Preparation of specimens: apply uniform coatings of the material to be tested to 24-gage (0,025 in. or 0,63 mm) steel panels according to your procedure.
  • Type of indention: intrusion or extrusion (direct/indirect)
  • Type of metal for the substrate: to be specified
  • Standard weight: to be specified

The following video explains how the ASTM D2794 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation is performed. It is used to evaluate the effect of a deformation by impact on a coating film and its substrate and to predict the performance of organic coatings for their ability to resist cracking caused by impacts.

For additional test methods related to the ASTM D2794 test, please see Material testing, Accelerated aging, ASTM D5420 and ASTM D4226.

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