ASTM D4332

Standard Practice for Conditioning Containers, Packages, or Packaging Components for Testing

Micom laboratories offers the ASTM D4332 test as part of its packaging testing services. This standard simulates particular field conditions that are encountered at different stages of the distribution environment of the material. More specifically, this method describes a procedure which allows to properly condition the packages before they undergo the actual testing. For instance, this test can be used to condition packages before they are subjected to the ASTM D4169 method. Indeed, this is due to the fact that this standard can provide special standard conditions. However, this method differs from ISTA testing because it only supplies the atmospheric conditions while the ISTA tests specifies the procedure to assess a particular property and those conditions as well.

Conditioning containers, packages, or packaging components for testing – use and factors to be considered:

ASTM D4332 - Packaging testingThe goal of ASTM D4332 is to provide the guidelines required to generate a conditioning atmosphere that may be used to assess the changes of physical properties of the samples in a reproductible manner. Indeed, by exposing the sample to an environment of controlled temperature and relative humidity for a specific period of time, it is possible to evaluate the changes in physical properties that occur in the material when it is exposed to a different temperature and relative humidity. In order to appraise the changes in the physical attributes, it is necessary to pair this method with a standard that assess the desired property. Should the end use conditions be similar to ambient conditions, ASTM D4169 should be considered. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind the simulation do not necessarily duplicate actual field conditions

The main factors that are in play when conducting this test protocol are: the time of exposure, the temperature and the relative humidity.

Typical Experimental parameters for ASTM D4332 testing:

The number of samples has to be specified and their size must be the same as in the actual distribution. Table 1 lists the typical atmospheric conditions of this method and other type of atmosphere are available in table 1 and 2 of the ASTM D4332 standard.

Table I: Specification of the typical type of atmosphere of the standard

Preconditioning atmosphere20 to 40°C (68 to 104°F) and 10 to 35 % relative humidity.
Standard conditioning atmosphere23 ± 1°C (73.4 ± 2°F) and 50 ± 2 % relative humidity
Conditioning periodTo be specified, but at least 72h

Other test methods related to ASTM D4332:

For additional related test methods, please see ASTM D951

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