ASTM D4728

Standard Test Method for Random Vibration Testing of Shipping Containers

ASTM D4728 - Vibration Testing of shipping containersASTM D4728 stands for random vibration testing of shipping containers. ASTM D4728 test on an accelerated basis the distribution vibration hazards. Micom offers ASTM D4728 testing as part of its Packaging testing services.

Random vibration testing is the most accurate simulation available for simulating vibrations occurring during the actual distribution and transportation.  Vibrations are randomly applied to the test load with frequencies and intensities that are representative of actual distribution environments.  Using a servo-hydraulic system, we program the power spectral density (PSD) simulating the vibration profile corresponding to the type of transportation mode you use. This technique enables duplicating the vibration profiles of different types of vehicle suspension, such as an air ride suspension, a small delivery truck or an aircraft. The vibration frequencies used range from 0 to 300 Hz.

ASTM D4728 Uses and Factors to Be Considered

ASTM D4728 testing is used to duplicate vibrations that a package such as a single box or a full pallet load can encounter during distribution. ASTM D4728 is strictly a test method. It cannot be used as a stand alone test. It needs to be combined with a given set of requirements that should, at minimum, include the PSD, the time duration and the overall Grms.  This test method, therefore, has to be combined with other technical documents such as an ISTA testing standard, the ASTM D4169 or any other standard. These technical documents will specify the test parameters we need to run a test for you.

Typical experimental parameters

  • Number of Samples: 1 (more depending on how critical the shipment is)
  • Specimen dimensions: as in actual distribution
  • Conditioning and testing Temperature: Ambient unless otherwise specified
  • Conditioning and testing relative humidity: Ambient unless otherwise specified
  • PSD: as required in the test specification used
  • Grms: as required in the test specification used
  • Test Duration: as required in the test specification used

ASTM D4728 Testing of Shipping Containers 400 Liters Fuel Tank Vibration Test

The following video shows the ASTM D4728 Standard Test Method applied on a 400 liters fuel tank.

ASTM D4728 Testing on Various Types of Equipment

The video below shows various types of equipment submitted to random vibration tests as per ASTM D4728.

Other related test methods:

For additional test methods related to ASTM D4728, we invite you to consult our resources on Transit testing, ISTA testing and ASTM D4169 testing.

If you have any questions about the ASTM D4728 test or other packaging tests, we invite you to contact our material testing laboratory. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your testing requirements.