ASTM D6695

Micom offers testing to ASTM D6695 – Standard Guide for Xenon-Arc Exposures of Paint and Related Coatings- as part of its offering for coating testing .  This practice recommends test parameters for sunlight exposure testing based on ASTM G151 and G155.

Xenon arc exposure  – Uses and factors to consider: 

Coatings resist deterioration of their properties caused by exposure to light, heat, and water very differently as a function of their formulation and application. They will react also very differently to different experimental parameters used to carry their UV exposure.  ASTM D6695 offers 7 different xenon arc exposure cycles  They vary as a function if the coating application:

  • Cycle 1: General Coatings
  • Cycle 2: General Coatings
  • Cycle 3: Exterior Pigmented Stains
  • Cycle 4: Exterior wood Stains and clears
  • Cycle 5: Marine enamels
  • Cycle 6: Automotive exterior
  • Cycle 7: Automotive interior

Once the samples were exposed the coatings mechanical and aesthetical properties need to be measured to assess how they performed.  Depending of your specific application, different parameters will be measured.  Our coating experts will be happy to guide you with a proper set of test parameters best suited to your needs; please contact us .

Experimental parameters:

We will need to know which exposure cycle you wish to perform on your samples.  Furthermore we will need to know:

  • Number of 2 ½” X 5 ½” specimen you wish to test (other dimensions can be used but this needs to be discussed.
  • Exposure duration (Kjoules or hours)

Related test methods:

For additional test methods related to ASTM D6695, please see weatherometer testing, Accelerated weathering, ASTM testing.

We also invite you to download our PDF on the true color measurement: What is the difference between the “true” color of an item and its “perceived” color (by the human eye)?

We also invite you to download our brochure to learn more about our Paint, Coating and Polymer testing services.

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