Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems

Incline Impact Testing for shipping containers - ASTM D880ASTM D880 standard test method for impact testing for shipping containers and systems. This test covers two procedures for conducting impact tests on loaded containers. The ASTM D880 test is also known as incline impact test. Micom offers ASTM D880 testing as part of its Package testing services.

The ASTM D880 covers two types of procedures:

  • Procedure A tests the ability of a container or shipping unit to withstand impacts
  • Procedure B tests the ability of a container or shipping unit or interior packaging to protect the content of the package during impacts

These two procedures may be used to evaluate different container designs of the same size and carrying the same load. These procedures are suitable for testing various types of containers such as boxes, crates, barrels, drums, kegs, bags, sacks, or pails made of various materials, material combinations or shipping units such as pallet loads or palletized units.

Theincline impact test is particularly suitable for testing large or heavily loaded containers. It is a test method often called up by the ISTA testing standards as well as ASTM D4169.

ASTM D880 Uses and Factors to Be Considered

ASTM D880 has been found useful in laboratory simulation to reproduce field hazards such as those encountered in manual and mechanical handling and transportation. The impact test simulates some types of shocks that could occur on the packages while being handled or shipped and helps evaluate the ability of the package to protect the contents against these shocks.

This test method also fulfills the requirement of ISO 2244.


The number of test specimens depends on the desired degree of precision and the availability of specimens. Practice E 122 provides guidance on the choice of sample size. It is recommended that at least three representative test specimens be used. However, ISTA standards and ASTM D4169 only require one sample.

Other Test Methods Telated to ASTM D880

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If you have any questions about inclined impact packaging tests we invite you to contact our material testing lab. It will be our pleasure to talk to you about ASTM D880 test as well as help you create a specific packaging test for your products.