ASTM Package Testing

Micom offers ASTM package testing services for all ASTM tests required under the ISTA test protocols including the ASTM D4169, the standard practice for performance testing of shipping containers and systems. These ASTM package testing services are also required by other test specifications such as UN box testing, TP 14850 and ISO 11607.

ASTM Package Testing Services

ASTM D642 CompressionASTM D4728 Random Vibration
ASTM D880 Incline ImpactASTM D5276 Drop
ASTM D4169 Practice performanceASTM D6055 Fork lift handling
ASTM D3103 Thermal insulationASTM D6653 High altitude

Use and Factors to Be Considered

With the exception of ASTM D4169, all of the ASTM documents listed above are test methods. They do not have pass or fail criteria nor do they quantify the actual test parameters that will allow you to know how your packaging is fairing.  For example, while in ASTM D5276, the test method contains all the requirements to do a drop test properly, it does not specify the drop height, the orientation, the number of drops, whether conditioning is require or not prior to testing. Therefore, you have to use these ASTM standards with acceptance criteria you will find in other practices and/or specifications such as ASTM D4169, the ISTA standards, ISO 11607 (medical devices) or other specifications.

The table below summarizes what the different ASTM package testing methods are used for:

Test MethodUse
ASTM D642 CompressionValidates stackability either during storage or transport
ASTM D880 Incline ImpactValidates lateral shock resistance while in distribution
ASTM D999 Vibration testingValidate  resistance to vibration while in distribution
ASTM D4169 Practice PerformanceThis is a test specification; not a test method
ASTM D4728 Random VibrationValidate  resistance to vibration while in distribution using more sophisticated equipment than in ASTM D999
ASTM D5276 DropValidates free fall drop resistance
ASTM D6055Fork lift handlingValidates pallet load or large crates resistance to mechanical handling
ASTM D6653 High altitudeValidates impact of high altitude on packaging systems

Example of an ASTM Package Testing

Micom can perform package testing on single boxes, full pallet loads as well as additional material testing on packaging components. This video demonstrates Micom Laboratories ability to test for package testing vibrations.

Other Related ASTM Package Testing Methods

For additional test methods related to ASTM package testing, please see ISTA testing, ASTM D4169, ASTM D642, ASTM D880, ASTM D999, ASTM D3103, ASTM D4728, ASTM D5276, ASTM D6055, ASTM D6653, ISO 11607.

If you have any questions about ASTM package testing services, we invite you to contact our material testing lab for more information. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your custom package testing requirements.

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