ASTM F2057 and 16 CFR Part 1261

Standard Safety Method for Clothing Storage Units

Micom is accredited by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) to conduct tests in accordance with ASTM F2057-23 and Part 1261 of the Federal Code of Regulations (CFR) 16. We are also a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) approved laboratory for such tests.

Why Does It Matter?

Our tests and the regulations we adhere to focus on the safety of clothing storage units, aiming to protect children under 72 months from injuries or fatalities resulting from unit tip-overs. The ASTM F2057 test standard enables compliance with CFR 16 Part 1261, which in turn satisfies the requirements of the STURDY Act. CFR 16 Part 1261 became effective in September 2023.


Practical Benefits

ASTM F2057 outlines safety requirements for clothing storage units, especially concerning tip-over hazards. It covers various aspects, including stability, performance, and labeling requirements.

Experimental Parameters and Implementation – ASTM F2057

  • Stability Test: The stability test’s objective is to evaluate the stability of clothing storage units under normal and foreseeable conditions of use.
  • Drawer Impact Test: The drawer test simulates real-world scenarios to assess the resilience of drawers to impacts.
  • Load Capacity Test: The purpose of the load stability test is to determine the maximum load a unit can safely withstand.
  • Door Opening and Closing Test: This test evaluates the functionality and durability of doors to ensure smooth and secure operation.
  • Labeling Compliance: Labeling compliance verifies that products are properly labeled with all necessary safety information.

Our Proven Experience

Our laboratory has been offering testing services in accordance with ASTM F2057 for many years. There have been significant improvements in the 2023 edition of ASTM F2057. However, we were familiar with all the new tests and requirements of this new version of the standard, as we have been providing the complete set of BIFMA mechanical tests since 1999.

Take Action Today to Strengthen Product Reliability and Safety

Our commitment to product safety is unwavering. If you are looking to ensure compliance of your clothing storage units with the strictest standards and protect your customers, contact us today. Your peace of mind and that of your customers are worth investing in quality testing.

In addition to ASTM F2057 testing, Micom Laboratories is pleased to offer a wide range of furniture testing to furniture manufacturers including BIFMA testing, packaging testing, coating testing and more. Not sure what testing you should be doing? One of our testing experts will be happy to answer all your questions.