ISTA Temperature Conditioning

Micom offers temperature and relative humidity conditioning as part of its packaging testing services.

Anticipated distribution conditions – Uses and factors to consider:

ISTA Temperature Validation Package Testing | Micom LaboratoriesDistribution testing aims at performing the best simulation possible of your pipeline. Many shipped products are temperature sensitive; frozen or refrigerated food, temperature controlled medications, etc. Even if your products does not fall into one of these categories, it can have some sensitivities to either temperature or relative humidity or a combination thereof. For example, plastics under cold temperature can become brittle. Many products, even though they are not recognized as being ambient conditions sensitive, can very well, under specific conditions, undergo distribution damages as a result of ambient distribution conditions. For this reason ISTA has developed various ambient anticipated distribution conditions so that your products can be transit tested under specific scenarios.

As a reference the table below presents these conditions. Specific conditions can also be used to address specific issues.

Anticipated ConditionsTime in HoursTemperature in °C ±2°C (°F±4°F)Humidity in %
Extreme Cold,
Uncontrolled RH
72-29°C (-20°F)Untrolled RH
Cold, Humid725°C (40°F)85% RH ±5%
Controlled Conditions7223°C (73°F)50% RH ±5%
Hot, Humid7238°C (100°F)85% RH ±5%
Hot, Humid
Extreme Heat, Moderate
38°C (100°F)
60°C (140°F)
85% RH ±5%
30% RH ±5%
Elevated Temperature,
Uncontrolled RH
7250°C (120°F)Uncontrolled RH
Extreme Heat, Dry7260°C (140°F)15% RH +/-5%
Severe Cold,
Uncontrolled RH
72-18°C (0°F)Uncontrolled RH
User Defined High Limit72Based upon known conditionsKnown conditions
User Defined Low Limit72Based upon known conditionsKnown conditions
User Defined Cycle72Based upon known conditionsKnown conditions

If you have any questions about ISTA temperature conditioning, we invite you to contact our material testing lab today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your custom material testing requirements.