Sustainable Packaging

Testing your packaging is sustainable | Micom LaboratoriesMicom offers sustainable packaging test services.  Packaging sustainability is a growing concern in North America. In many locations, there are EPR programs and fees reimbursed by the packaging industry, primarily by the brand owners. The disposal costs are increasing according to services provided and or changes in the regulations.  However, packaging is an essential part of our day-to-day life and it plays a critical role in protecting, preserving and transporting its contents against the hazards inherent in the distribution process.  Our civilization would not be what it is if it was not for packaging.  All of this to say that packaging plays a very important role in the sustainability balance formula:


The question is not if we can do with or without packaging, but what and how much packaging has to be used.  ISTA testing can be used to validate the sustainability balance formula.

Why is sustainable packaging testing important?

  1. In 2009 the US Department of Agriculture estimated the world food industry size to be $US 4.2 trillion.  The same year a study from the International Waste Management Institute established that  only 43 % of food calories produced on the planet are consumed
  2. A report prepared for the European Union showed that annual damages to products in distribution within Europe, in 1999, were estimated to be: $US 3 billion (EU, SRETS, final report1999).  Worldwide annual losses in distribution: > $US 100 billions

How can I find out more about sustainable packaging testing?

Both ISTA and PAC-NEXT have each published a “Responsible Packaging by Design Guide”.  ASTM published a “Standard Guide for Transport Packaging Design” under ASTM D-6198.  Many large retailers have published their own document sets.

Other related test methods:

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