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Micom Laboratories has obtained’s APASS package certification

Last April, Micom Laboratories obtained its APASS package certification as part of our packaging testing offering. For qualifying for packaging requirements, you need to test your products to ISTA directives are aimed at minimizing product damages in distribution while minimizing the environmental impacts and the packaging being “user friendly”.

Amazon has 3 packaging tiers:

  • FFP (Frustration-free packaging)
    Packaging capable of shipping in its own container in minimized, fully recyclable and easy-to-open packaging.
  • SIOC (ships In Own Container)
    Designed to ship without an Amazon overbox or requires additional protection using non-recyclable packaging materials to ensure minimal damage.
  • PFP (Prep-Free packaging)
    For items not capable of shipping in their own container and therefore require an overbox. However it is designed to ship effectively without any additional prep to prevent damage or leakage.

Having your packaging qualifying to one of these tiers allows:

  • Reduction/removal of Amazon prep chargebacks
  • Packaging cost reductions
  • Reduced inbound transportation costs

For more information on this topic please feel free to consult our website, call us at 888-996-4266 or email us at

Micom Laboratories is a third party industrial material testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, CGSB, ISTA and many other organizations.


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