Micom offers ISTA testing as part of its Package testing services. ISTA – Packaged Products for Distribution System Shipment – is a test used for simulating’s shipping environment. This test was released as an ISTA project in October 2014. Compliance to this standard cannot be used to establish compliance with carrier packaging regulations.

Use and factors to be considered:

ISTA is for packages weighing more than 70 lbs shipped initially palletized or floor loaded by suppliers to and then delivered to final customers via Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) or parcel delivery systems. It challenges the capability of both package and product to withstand distribution hazards normally encountered during handling and transportation.

ISTA covers four types of packaged-products designated as follows:

Initially Shipped Palletized:

  • Type A: Individual Packaged-Products for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Delivery
  • Type B: Individual Packaged-Products for Parcel Delivery 70 kg (150 lb) or Less

Initially Shipped Floor-Loaded:

  • Type C: Individual Packaged-Products for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Delivery
  • Type D: Individual Packaged-Products for Parcel Delivery 70 kg (150 lb) or Less

Various types of handling may occur in the fulfillment centers and during distribution. This is why beyond vibrations, drops and compression testing, this standard includes different types of handling such as: manual, fork lift, clamp truck, etc.


We hear Amazon still currently recommends the use of ISTA 3A.  Since January 2015 they have started to get some overseas suppliers to test to ISTA  They will presumably start requiring testing to the new standard within the next 8-24 months for North American suppliers.  Obviously they will gradually phase the standard in and more than likely will also prioritize the high damage rate products.

Other ISTA member Performance tests:

There are 6 other ISTA member Performance tests:
• ISTA –6-SAMSCLUB (2010)
• ISTA 6-FEDEX-A (2008)
• ISTA 6-MEDRAD (2008)
• ISTA 6-JACO (2008)
• ISTA 6-ABC (2012)

Micom can test to all of these test protocols.

Typical Experimental parameters:

Number of specimens/product: 1 (min.)
Maximum sample weight: varies as a function of the product category

Other related test methods:

 For additional related test methods please see: ISTA Testing, Package Testing or ASTM Packaging.

We also invite you to learn more about our package testing services by consulting our brochure below:

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