ASTM D1654

Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Painted or Coated Specimens Subjected to Corrosive Environments

ASTM D1654 Test Method of Painted or Coated SpecimensASTM D1654 is a standard corrosion test method that evaluates the resistance of painted or coated specimens after being subjected to different corrosive environments. Micom Laboratories uses the ASTM B117 protocol to operate a salt spray fog apparatus. Using the ASTM B117 test, Micom is able to simulate numerous real-world corrosive environments in a controlled area.

Micom uses ASTM D1654 for sample preparation and post-test evaluations. Additional tests can then be carried on these samples to determine their resistance under various environments. For example, the ASTM D2247 tests for water resistance of coating in 100% relative humidity. In addition, ASTM D1735 tests to water resistance of coating using water fog apparatus.


ASTM D1654 Sample Evaluation

ASTM D1654 Test - Sample EvaluationAs stated by the ASTM International ” this method provides a means of evaluating and comparing basic corrosion performance of the substrate, pretreatment, or coating system, or combination thereof, after exposure to corrosive environments.”

If required, the finished samples are scribed using this test method. Upon the exposure completion the samples can be evaluated based on the four following procedures:

In the graphic to the right, the procedure A includes 5 test methods; Scraping, Knife, Paint Stripper, Air Blow-off, Power Washer.

ASTM D1654 Sample Requirements

Samples will be prepared using normal production processes.  The sample dimensions are typically 3 X 6 inches but this can vary.

Additional Information About Corrosion Testing

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The Appendix below provides additional information about numerous material tests carried out at Micom Laboratories including classification of creepage test results according to ASTM D1654 .

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