ASTM D5894

ASTM D5894 is also known as Cyclic Salt Fog/UV Exposure of Painted Metal test. Micom Laboratories offers testing to ASTM D5894 test as part of our Coating testing services. The underlying principle of this test is to expose samples to alternating exposures in a fog/dry cabinet and a UV/condensation cabinet. This practice is to be used on painted metal samples. It uses alternating one week periods of cyclic corrosion with a wet/dry cycle based on ASTM G85 test, Annex V, and a fluorescent UV exposure based on ASTM G154 test.

Uses and Factors to Consider for ASTM D5894 Test

ASTM D5894 is used to simulate outdoor corrosion on painted metal. It simulates many environmental factors all acting at once synergistically such as corrosive environment, rain, alternating wet/dry conditions, temperature variations and outdoor UV light (340nm). This practice aims at providing manufacturers a more realistic and better simulation test compared to more static testing procedures under the ASTM B117 test.  In some cases, a deep cold cycle can be further added to this practice to spread its reach.

The fog electrolyte solution used in this practice is only 0,5% in sodium chloride vs. 5% for the standard salt spray test.  However, it also contains 0,35% of ammonium sulfate used to lower the pH’s solution range of 5 to 5,4 instead of 6,6 to 7 for salt spray testing.

As for all accelerated aging tests, there are no algorithms allowing to measure the “time compression factor” when testing to ASTM D5894. The safest way to establish a good time correlation is to insert control samples of products of known field performances for comparison purposes. The ASTM D5894 test can also be modified to better simulate your specific applications. For instance, there are different corrosive electrolyte formulations that can be used in ASTM G85.

ASTM D5894 has been found useful for air-dry industrial maintenance paints on steel and zinc primers used for cathodic protection.

ASTM D5894 Testing Equipment

ASTM Q Fog - ASTM D5894

Typical Experimental Parameters

ASTM D5804 Cyclic Salt Fog/UV Exposure of Painted Metal Experimental Parameters

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