ASTM D2247

Standard Practice for Testing Water Resistance of Coatings in 100 % Relative Humidity

ASTM D2247 is also known as Standard Practice For Testing Water Resistance Of Coatings In 100 % Relative Humidity. We offer testing to ASTM D2247 as part of our coating testing services and corrosion test services.

This practice evaluates the coating water resistance by exposing coated test specimens in an atmosphere maintained at 100% relative humidity.  This condition will enable condensation to form on test specimens. This practice is closely related to ASTM D1735. Although the cabinet used for this test is different. In addition, the condensing fog is generated using a different technique using the same cabinet as for another test: the ASTM G154 test.

ASTM B117, Accelerated Corrosion Testing, ASTM D1735, ASTM D5894, Cyclic Corrosion Testing, ISO 9227

ASTM D2247 Testing Conditions

Test specimens are placed in an enclosed cabinet containing a heated, saturated mixture of air and water vapor. The temperature of the chamber is maintained at 38°C (100°F). At 100% relative humidity (RH), a very small temperature difference between the specimen and the surrounding vapor causes the formation of condensation on the specimens. The exposure condition is varied by selecting the duration of the test. Water permeates the coating at rates that are dependent upon the characteristics of the coating.

Water can cause the degradation of coatings, so knowledge of how a coating resists to water is helpful in predicting its service life. Failure in tests at 100% relative humidity may be caused by a number of factors including a deficiency in the coating itself, contamination of the substrate, or inadequate surface preparation. It is important to note that the ASTM D2247 should not be considered an accelerated aging test since the test conditions are relatively mild.

Typical Experimental Parameters

ASTM D2247 Testing Parameters

Additional Information Related to ASTM D2247

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