Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing

ASTM B117, Accelerated Corrosion Testing, ASTM D1735, ASTM D5894, Cyclic Corrosion Testing, ISO 9227ASTM G85 is a standard practice for modified salt spray (fog) testing. Micom offers testing to ASTM G85 as part of its corrosion testing solutions. Although ASTM G85  is based on ASTM B117, it offers more aggressive test conditions such as using a test solution with a lower pH, alternating between corrosive and neutral atmosphere or by using an aggressive electrolyte mix.

ASTM G85 contains 5 annexes each consisting of a modification versus the standard ASTM B117 atmosphere.

Annex Modification
A1 Acetic acid-salt spray test, continuous
A2 Cyclic acidified salt spray test
A3 Seawater acidified test, cyclic (SWAAT)
A4 SO 2 salt spray test, cyclic.
A5 Dilute electrolyte cyclic fog dry test.

Annex A5 is also called up in ASTM D5894 test.

ASTM G85 Typical Experimental Parameters

We will need to confirm the parameters below so that we can run a proper test for you.

ASTM G85 Test Specifications

Orientation: It is important to note that while undergoing testing in the salt spray cabinet, specimens need to be supported or suspended between 15° and 30° from the vertical and preferably parallel to the principal direction of the flow of fog through the chamber, based upon the dominant surface being tested. Samples need to be supported by their bottom or side.

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