Standard Practice for Exposure of Metals and Alloys by Alternate Immersion in Neutral 3.5 % Sodium Chloride Solution

ASTM G44 is a standard practice for exposure of metals and alloys by alternate immersion in neutral 3.5 % sodium chloride solution. Micom performs tests to ASTM G44 as part of its corrosion testing offering.  This test is mainly used for aluminum and ferrous alloys as well as any other alloy susceptible to chloride ions.

ASTM G44 is a practice, not a test method.  This means that to carry a test to this practice, one needs to use a second document that will set critical operational details such as the number of cycles.

ASTM G44 - Alternate Corrosion Testing for metals and alloys

ASTM G44 Uses and Factors to Be Considered

This practice is more aggressive than ASTM B117. It is intended for alloy development as well as for applications where the alternate immersion test is to serve as a control test on the quality of successive lots of the same material. The practice consists of taking a sample and, with a help of a mechanical arm, dipping it in and out of a sodium chloride solution. Each cycle lasts one hour. Each cycle consists of a ten minutes immersion followed by a fifty minutes drying period.  The sample under test is cycled 24 hours per day for the number of days required; typically for 20 to 90 days.  ASTM G44 is used for stress-corrosion cracking testing.  It can also be used for other forms of corrosion, such as uniform, pitting, intergranular, and galvanic. 

ASTM G44 - Corrosion Testing (2)

Additional Information Related to ASTM G44

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