CAN/CGSB 43.150

Design, manufacture and use of UN Standardized drums, jerricans, boxes, bags, combination packaging, composite packaging and other packagings for the transport of dangerous goods, classes 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, and 9

Micom provides performance packaging testing as per CAN/CGSB-43.150-97.  Micom is recognized by Transport Canada for that test method as well as for CAN/CGSB-43.146-2002 – Design, Manufacture and Use of Intermediate Bulk Containers for the transportation of Dangerous Goods

CAN/CGSB 43.150 - Transportation of dangerous goods

Performance Requirements

CAN/CGSB-43.150-97 described the performance requirements of packaging products intended for the transportation of non-bulk hazardous materials up 400 Kg or 450L. Note that transportation of gases, infectious or radioactive products is not covered by CAN/CGSB-43.150-97.

Packaging Codes

Packaging codes – also described in CAN/CGSB-43.150-97 – are based on the type of packaging and material(s) used. The most well-known packaging codes are probably 4G (fiberboard boxes) and 1A2 (steel drums). However, tens of packaging codes exist and each of them has its specific set of tests applicable.

Packing Groups, Packing Grades and Test Severity

Hazardous products are divided into 3 packing groups: Packing groups I, II and III respectively for substances and articles of major, medium and minor danger

Packaging intended to contain substances or articles of:

  • packing groups I, II or III, are designated as “X grade”
  • packing groups II or III only, are designated as “Y grade”
  • packing group III only, are designated as “Z grade”

As grade X packaging can contain highly dangerous goods, the test parameters are tougher than for grades Y or Z. As an example, a 4G box containing solids must withstand drops from a height of 1.8m to be rated “grade X” and (only) 0.8m to be rated “grade Z”.

If your packaging is intended to carry products of minor danger, testing it under X grade conditions could put unnecessary stress on it during testing and cause failure that could lead to costly and useless design modifications.

Micom will help you determine what performance requirements are applicable to your product and what the test criteria that meet your needs are. Contact us for more info.

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