Federal Standard: Performance Test Method for Intensive Use Chair

Micom offers FED-STD-834A testing as part of its Office Furniture Testing services. The Federal Standard FED-STD-834A Performance Test Method for Intensive Use Chairs was released in July 2010 and replaces the 1989 edition. The use of this standard was authorized by the General Services Administration for all federal agencies. This standard is similar to BIFMA X5.1  since both test methods cover the testing of office chairs testing. However, while the BIFMA X5.1 standard is based on a 253 lb single shift user, the FED-STD-834 is based on 24 / 7 intensive use chairs and does not specify any user weight. The FED-STD-834 tested chairs have higher performances for intensive use environments.

Despite the fact that BIFMA X5.1 and FED-STD-834A are similar in regards to their use of test equipment, performance test methods are significantly different. Cyclic tests in FED-STD-834A are based on incremental loading steps; the goal is to ensure chair survivability in a severe use environment, while not having to increase the total number of required testing cycles. This is achieved by steadily increasing the load on the chair or on its component. For instance, the initial load for Vertical Arm Durability test is 100 lbf and increases by 50 lbf steps every 25,000 cycles. The final load applied ends up at 250 lbf after 100,000 cycles.

The table below shows the 13 tests included in the test method. Not all tests apply to your product. Our experts will be happy to design a test plan FREE OF CHARGE for you; click here to contact us. 

Test #                 TestInitial load/force lb/lbfLoad /force for last increment (lbs/lbf)Total number of cycles
5.1Cyclic Back and Back Tilt Mechanism Fatigue Test5050500 000
5.2Cyclic Increasing Back Load Test75175100 000
5.3Cyclic Pneumatic Back Tilt or Seat Inclination Adjustment Mechanism Test50/5050/50332 000
5.4Cyclic Vertical Load Test on One Arm100250100 000
5.5Cyclic Side Thrust Load Test on Arms50200175 000
5.6Cyclic Vertical Load Test on Seats, Bases and Casters2001300275 000
5.7Cyclic Fatigue Test of Swivel Bearings200300125 000
5.8Cyclic Pneumatic Height Adjustment Durability Test250250125 000
5.9Front Stability TestNANANA
5.10Back Stability TestNANANA
5.11Caster and Base Durability Test30030036 000
5.12Fabric Durability TestNANANA
5.13Spindle Attachment TestsNANANA