WHO Testing

Micom offers compliance testing to the World Health Organization (WHO) for freezers and refrigerators including solar powered units as part of our Material testing offering.  We also offers Insulated containers and water pack testing as part of our Cold chain testing qualification services.  Micom is the only test lab recognized by the WHO in North America for this type of testing.

Role of the WHO

The WHO insures vaccines and other temperature sensitive products gets distributed throughout the world.  In many cases shipments have to travel days without electricity and even once delivered there is often a lack power either partially or permanently.  In many of these regions temperatures can above 50 c during the day and get down below 0 c at night.  This is why WHO, among other things has a certification program for solar powered refrigerators and freezers.

WHO Testing

WHO Test Protocols Offered

PQS catalogueEquipment typeType – examinationType – TestingQA inspection
E003Refrigerators and FreezersYesYesN.A.
E003Solar Power SystemsYesYesYes
E004Insulated ContainersYesYesN.A.
E005Water PacksYesYesN.A.

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