ISTA 6-samsclub

Packaged-Products For Sam’s Club Distribution System Shipment

ISTA 6 - Samsclub Testing | Packaging Testing | Micom LaboratoriesISTA 6-samsclub is a packaged products test for Sam’s Club distribution system shipment. It is a test used for simulating Sam’s Club’s importation as well as distribution environment. This test considers the product’s nature, its packaging, the loading patterns and whether it is a domestic or an international shipment. This test was released as an ISTA project in October 2010.

Compliance to ISTA 6-samsclub standard cannot be used to establish compliance with carrier packaging regulations.

This test protocol is used to simulation the capability of products, in their packages, to withstand distribution hazards of Sam’s Club importation and distribution environment. Micom offers ISTA 6-samsclub testing as part of its Package testing services.

ISTA 6-samsclub use and factors to considered

ISTA 6-samsclub divides packages in 4 types:

  • Type A: Non-Perishable, initially shipped palletized.
  • Type B: Non-Perishable large (50 lbs or more) initially shipped floor loaded packaged products.
  • Type C: Non-Perishable small (less than 50 lbs) initially shipped floor loaded packaged products.
  • Type D: Perishable, initially shipped palletized.

Sam’s Club importation and distribution systems are complex. Various types of transportation and handling may occur in the fulfillment centers as well as during distribution.  The ISTA 6-samsclub test goes beyond typical vibrations, drops and compression testing. This standard includes different types of handling such as manual, fork lift, clamp truck, and numerous others.

In some cases the products will have to be tested in one configuration to best simulate the shipment from origin to a distribution center. In other cases, the products could also be tested in another configuration to best simulate the transportation environment from a distribution center to an actual Sam’s Club store.

Typical experimental parameters

ISTA 6-samsclub is a very comprehensive test protocol. At a minimum, the following parameters need to be documented to be able to determine the proper test sequence:

  • Number of specimens per product: 1 (min.)
  • Club Store quantity
  • Pallet Type
  • Initial shipment configuration
  • Approved container loading diagram
  • Details of shipment and configurations within the distribution system
  • Typical atmospheric conditions

Other ISTA member performance tests

There are 6 other ISTA member Performance tests:

  • ISTA (2014)
  • ISTA 6-FEDEX-A (2008)
  • ISTA 6-FEDEX (B)
  • ISTA 6-MEDRAD (2008)
  • ISTA 6-JACO (2008)
  • ISTA 6-ABC (2012)

Micom can test to all of these packaging test protocols.

Other related test methods:

For additional related test method we recommend you consult ISTA Testing, ISTA 3A or ASTM Packaging.If you have any questions about ISTA 6-samsclub or packaging testing, we invite you to contact our material testing lab today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your custom packaging testing requirements.

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