Standard for small containers for Classes 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8 and 9

Micom offers test services according to TP14850, the Canadian regulation for Hazardous Materials packaging.  Our complete range of services and expertise makes us the partner of choice for all your UN Box testing needs.  Micom is recognized by Transport Canada for UN box testing.  We are also accredited ISO 17025 by the Standard Council of Canada and are  ISTA accredited.

Uses and Factors to Be Considered for TP14850

TP14850 - Design and manufacture requirements of small containers as per TDG RegulationsUN box Testing for packaging less than 450 liters, in Canada, is performed to Transport Canada’s standard TP14850. The performance requirements applicable to your UN Box Testing needs will change as a function of the following parameters:

  • The packaging Type (drum, barrel, bag, box…)
  • Material(s) used (steel, plywood, fibre, plastic….)
  • The type of products transported (liquid, solid)
  • The packing group that your product belongs to.

Based on the chemical composition and intended use of your product, one or more of the following tests will be performed to acquire a UN box testing certification to TP14850:

  • Drop Test (ASTM D5276)
  • Compression resistance (ASTM D4577)
  • Internal pressure (ASTM D3078)
  • Leak proofness
  • Water resistance (TAPPI T441)



The process for getting a UN box testing certification to TP14850 is as follows:

  • Identify your packaging/product code
  • Have your packaging/product tested at Micom or any other approved lab.
  • Submit Micom’s test report for your UN box testing at with the following information:
    • Packaging description
    • Drawings
    • Compatibility declaration
    • ISO certificate is necessary (section 10)
    • Manufacturer’s declaration
    • Manufacturer’s contact person
    • Company information (name, address, …)

Should you need help with your UN box testing project determining what are the applicable performance requirements and test parameters for your product, our experts will be happy to assist you.

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