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ASTM D3389 standard offered at Micom laboratories

Micom laboratories is delighted to announce that it offers the ASTM D3389 standard as part of its coating testing services. This practice details a procedure which can assess the abrasion resistance of a fabric coated with rubber or plastics through the use of a rotary platform tester. Lastly, this method may serve as an indication of the end use performance of the material.

ASTM D3389 test

The purpose of ASTM D3389 is to determine the abrasion resistance of the sample by wearing down the coating present on the specimen through the use of a rotary platform tester. More specifically, the coating is chafed by the abrasive wheels of the apparatus until they reach the first yarn of the fabric or until the predetermined number of revolutions has been attained. At that time, it is possible to characterize the overall mass loss and the wear index of the material. In fact, the latter constitutes the mass that is lost for each rotation of the specimen. Moreover, those attributes provide the means to compare the relative performance of samples that have gone through the same conditions. Lastly, by measuring the abrasive properties of a fabric, it is possible to have a glimpse of the overall durability of the material in real-world applications.

Micom offers polymer testing services for a wide selection of material and products. For more information about the ASTM D3389 test, we invite you to contact our material testing laboratory today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about either of those tests.

Micom Laboratories is a third party industrial material testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, CGSB, ISTA and many other organizations.


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