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ASTM D4145 standard now offered at Micom Laboratories

Micom laboratories is pleased to announce that it now offers the ASTM D4145 standard as part of its coating testing services. This method details a procedure which allows to assess the flexibility and the adhesive strength of a coating by the means of a T-bend test. More particularly, this test protocol relies on the use of a low magnification tool and of a pressure-sensitive tape in order to characterize those attributes. Moreover, this current practice may be coupled with a UV test, a salt spray test or an accelerated aging test as a means to evaluate the evolution of those properties.

ASTM D4145 test

The goal of ASTM D4145 is to employ a T-bend test as a means to assess the ability of a coating system of a metal sheet to withstand deformation strain that may occur in the manufacturing process of the latter. In fact, a T-bend test consists of evaluating the flexibility and adhesion of the coating through the use of a pressure-sensitive tape and of a low magnification tool as a means to identify the presence of cracks and pickoff at the surface of the bent metal foil. Moreover, the process of bending the sample around itself or around a die is repeated until there is no slit, nor removal of coating witnessed at the surface of the curved sample and at that point it is possible to determine the T-bend rating. This rating corresponds to the amount of metal required to attain the previously enounced criteria. More specifically, the latter corresponds to the minimum number of thicknesses of metal, if the specimen is bent around itself, or to the metal equivalent of the diameter of the die used, if the sample is bent around a die to achieve the criteria. Lastly, this test protocol is a means to verify if the coating can endure a manufacturing process that may contain various deformation processes and it may also be paired with a weathering method in order to assess the evolution of those properties.

Micom offers polymer testing services for a wide selection of material and products. For more information about the ASTM D4145 test, we invite you to contact our material testing laboratory today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about either of those tests.

Micom Laboratories is a third party industrial material testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, CGSB, ISTA and many other organizations.


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