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ASTM F2057 Test for new compliance requirement for free-standing clothing storage units

ASTM F2057 Furniture test

The ASTM F2057 furniture test can be used by manufacturers to comply with new requirements for free-standing clothing storage units. According to Health Canada’s recent announcement, Canadian manufacturers and importers of free-standing clothing storage units such as chests, door chest and dressers over 30 in. (762mm) in height will need to ensure their storage units do not tip over.

Health Canada, through its Consumer Product Safety Program, will begin to randomly test samples of free-standing storage units over 30 in. to ensure compliance with the new regulation. Due to numerous furniture tip over accidents, often resulting in sever injuries or deaths, that have occurred in recent years Health Canada will begin to enforce the tip over test in order to ensure consumer and particularly children’s safety.

According to Health Canada:

Products that do not meet the performance criteria of the ASTM F2057-14 standard are subject to compliance and enforcement actions which may include seizure, orders to take corrective action, mandatory recall of products, administrative monetary penalties and criminal prosecution. Importers, manufacturers or retailers of free-standing clothing storage units over 30 in. (762 mm) in height are responsible for the safety of the products they market in Canada.

Micom Laboratorie offers ASTM F2057 furniture testing services to furniture importers and manufacturers. More specifically, the ASTM F2057 Furniture Test will ensure that the unit stays upright and does not tip over with open drawers and that specific restraining mechanisms are in place and can withstand a pull force of 50 lb.

Here is the official letter from Health Canada advising about the recent free-standing clothing storage units testing requirements.

If you have any questions about ASTM F2057 furniture testing requirements or furniture testing in general, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your furniture testing questions and help find the best testing solution for your products.


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