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Large Occupant Office Chairs Tests

Large Occupant Office Chairs Tests, new standard publication.


BIFMA released two weeks ago its new standard for large occupant office chairs; BIFMA X 5.11. Whereas ANSI/BIFMA X 5.1 is based on a 253 lbs individual, this new standard will be based on a 400 lbs individual.

Most of the tests are similar to BIFMA X5.1. The loads have been increased for most of the tests and there is a requirement that the seat pan width has to be a minimum of 22 inches.

Since only the loads were changed, other than the 22 inch minimum width for the seat depth, it might be possible to test to X 5.11 and qualify your chair also for X 5.1; to be discussed when you need us to prepare a test plan for you…

Below you will find a link to a test-by-test comparison between X 5.1 and the proposed new standard:

BIFMA X 5.1 vs BIFMA X 5.11

Should you wish to discuss this new standard with us, please contact us at your convenience.

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