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Micom Inc. Presents at the PAC Packaging Optimization Conference in Montreal

On Thursday March 17, 2016, Founder and CEO of Micom Laboratories Inc., Michel Comtois will present “Les essais de simulation de transport; un outil d’écoconception” at the Packaging Optimization Conference: a symposium and workshop type conference that explores economic concepts and provides a toolbox of solutions to optimize packaging and reduce packaging waste.

Micom Inc. Presents:

Michel Comtois will go in depth about the concept of Pre-Shipment testing as a critical tool for achieving sustainability. As a third party laboratory, Micom Inc. uses high-tech equipment to test out a variety of products, goods and equipment in simulated real life atmospheres. Our testing equipment can emulate all things from the sun, vibrations and fatigue for different products, materials and package testing.  Over the years, packaging sustainability has gained in potential and studies have shown that over $100 billion in goods are lost in distribution annually. Evidently, unsustainable packaging has had a negative effect on both the economy and the environment. Thus, at the 2016 Packaging Optimization Conference, Michel will discuss how we can improve distribution, product and packaging sustainability for successful deliverance through your appropriate distribution channels.

About Packaging Association of Canada:

For over 65 years, PAC Packaging Consortium has been serving as a vital partner and catalyst for the packaging value chain. With over 2,200 North American members, the PAC Packaging Consortium has been functioning as a not-for-profit corporation, offering networking opportunities through a number of educational activities and events.

Interested in Package Testing? We can help:

At Micom Inc., we offer package testing on single boxes, full pallet loads and material testing on packaging components. Contact us or visit our website for more information on package testing. Our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you decide which tests are most suitable to your needs.


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