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ASTM D6551 test now offered at Micom Laboratories

Micom Laboratories is pleased to announce that it now offers the ASTM D6551 test as part of its offering for material testing services . This standard depicts the test conditions that are required to create an accelerated weathering environment which allows to assess the physical properties of pressure-sensitive tapes through the use of UV testing and auxiliary methods. Furthermore, this method employs Xenon arc light as an illuminating source in order to generate that environment and it is thus based on the ASTM G155 standard. Lastly, this practice does not evaluate the aging behavior of pressure-sensitive tapes that are used in outdoor exposure for an extended period of time.

ASTM D6551 test

The goal of ASTM D6551 is to generate an accelerated weathering environment that will be used to assess some physical characteristics of pressure-sensitive tapes that are used for packaging. In fact, this standard only states the test conditions that are required in order to produce this environment. Thus, the user of this method shall rely on other test protocols in order to appraise the physical characteristics of the sample. For instance, the peel (ASTM D3330) and the adhesion resistance (ASTM D3359) tests can be used to complement the ASTM D6551 standard in regard to property assessments. Also, this test protocol cannot be employed to evaluate the aging behavior of the tapes that are exposed to an outdoor setting for an extended period of time. Lastly, the test conditions are the same as those described in cycle 1 of the ASTM G155 practice.

Micom offers polymer testing services for a wide selection of material and products. For more information about the ASTM D6551 test, we invite you to contact our material testing laboratory today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about either of those tests.

Micom Laboratories is a third party industrial material testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, CGSB, ISTA and many other organizations.


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