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ASTM D4587 test now offered at Micom Laboratories

Micom Laboratories is proud to announce that it now offers the ASTM D4587 test as part of its offering for paint testing and polymer testing services. This standard depicts the selection of the test conditions that are required for the execution an accelerated aging that investigate, through a UV exposure, the effects of humidity, heat and sunlight on the physical and optical properties of the sample. Moreover, the preparation of the specimen and the evaluation of the results are aspects which are also detailed in the present practice. Lastly, this method relies on UV fluorescent lamps as an illuminating source and it is therefore centered on the ASTM G154 and ISO 4892-3 standards.

ASTM D4587 test

The goal of ASTM D4587 is to determine the ability of a sample to preserve its properties after an accelerated exposure that simulates the end use conditions. The rationale is that polymer materials have a tendency to have an alteration of its attributes after it has been exposed for long period of time to the effects of sunlight, humidity and heat. Hence, by inducing propriety changes on the sample, on an accelerated basis, it is possible to foresee the performance of the specimen in its end-use conditions through the use of an acceleration factor. In order to characterize this capacity, it is necessary to rely on UV testing and on the guidelines of the present standard as a means to fully comprehend the repercussions of the end-use conditions on the test material. Also, it is required to periodically evaluate the specimen in order to follow the evolution of the attributes of the sample as function of time. It is important to keep in mind that this standard is not designed to characterize the effect of localized weather phenomena such as: atmospheric pollution, biological attack, and salt water exposure on the deterioration of the attribute of the test material. Lastly, as outlined in our UV testing eBook, fluorescent UV exposure is mainly employed to appraise the loss of mechanical properties and yellowing of the sample.

Micom offers polymer testing services for a wide selection of material and products. For more information about the ASTM D4587 test, we invite you to contact our material testing laboratory today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about either of those tests.

Micom Laboratories is a third party industrial material testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, CGSB, ISTA and many other organizations.


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